puma manzi
Puma Manzi Surfboards (Puma Manzi is a zulu saying meaning 'out of the water') started in 1990, because I couldn't find a suitable surfboard for my son Ryan, who was then a beginner. Once Ryan got the first board in the water at our local break north of Durban, surfers recognized the quality of the work and the orders started rolling in.

Puma Manzi is a small, family run company comprised of the two shapers, myself (Winwood) and Ryan, and my wife Gail. I ride longboard and Ryan rides both long and short boards. I have been surfing the Natal coast since the sixties, and both Ryan and I surf for Natal in the longboard division.

Puma Manzi makes longboards (traditional and modern) to your specifications, including woodies from 9'0" to 9'6". Our Shortboard label is Slick, which we make from 5'6" to 8'0", including mini-mals up to 8".

Puma Manzi is situated on the north coast of Kwa Zulu Natal, South Africa, inland from a point break called Zinkwazi (a zulu name for 'place of the fish eagle') 90 kilometers north of Durban. It was here that I started surfing, and set up shop. It is here at our surfing roots, that we construct quality, custom surfboards, to your specifications.

ryan workin' it sample pics boards and baby
the longboards

Puma Manzi- The label that started it all. Puma Manzi is the essence longboarding, but with a new school twist. Or if you prefer the old school, Puma Manzi's traditional shapes will be sure to satisfy. Built to your specifications. Everything you could want in a longboard, from 9'0" and up (including woodies!). Check out pricing for the size you want, the glass, the colors, all built custom for you.


the shortboards

Slick- Fast little boards. Fast and versatile. Shaped with the sharky waters of the indian ocean in mind. This label showed up a little later in the life of the company, but the shapes were so good, and recognized for their quality, it took off fast. From 5'6" and up (including Mini-Mals!) Check out the pricing for the size, shape, glass and colors, all built custom for you.


the mission

We pride ourselves on our workmanship. Therefore we will endeavour to to produce the highest quality, custom built surfboards at the best possible price.Our company will create the best board for you, to your specifications, and your conditions.

puma manzi slick missionboard