Located on the beautiful Indian Ocean coast of South Africa, about an hour north of Durban, lies the Puma Manzi surfboard factory. Here, a stone's throw from the blue wave-filled waters of Zinkwazi, Win and Ryan craft boards of every custom size and shape. Inspired by their surroundings, their shapes both long and short, perform excellently in all wave conditions, bringing maximum stoke to their owners.


Win Harris has been shaping boards for almost as long as he has been surfing. Which is almost as long as there has been surfing in South Africa. He was one of the pioneers of surfing Zinkwazi in the 60's. He started shaping boards when he couldn't find a decent one for his son Ryan. His boards became well known enough that folks from other countries actively sought him out to have him shape fro them. The rest is, as they say, history.

Ryan started shaping early too. He started shaping shortboards for the local kids but then joined Win in shaping longbards for Puma Manzi. The response from the local kids was so overwhelming that he kept himself busy in the shortboard factory. His shapes were innovative enough that folks from a variety of places requested his boards and the are currently being surfed around the globe.



Puma Manzi boards are being surfed world-wide as we speak. Various boards are being surfed in such faraway lands as Mauritius, Australia, the USA, and Europe. Folks from the US have ordered boards specifically to be brought back, or used in their travels, as board transport fees are so high.

"I was totally nervous picking up the board, knowing that I would probably end up surfing with Win and Ryan after. My fears were totally justified, as I totally sucked. But once I got that board into waves I was more familiar with, I found that it really went. I have never had as much maneuverability as I do with this board." -BK from Maine, USA, 9'6" performance rounded pin, satisfied customer.


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