True custom shortboards manufactured to your direct specifications. Slick offers boards from 6'0" and up, built with your shape, nose, tail, rocker, and concave specs. Your specifications. Choose your colors, your design.

Shortboards? You KNOW we do shortboards. Shortboards, funboards and mini-mals, we do it all. Built by Win and Ryan specifically for you. Choose all of your options. Concave, rocker, rails, tail, nose, thickness and color.

Ryan shapes these boards almost exclusively, putting his hours of experience to work for him creating shapes that work in his conditions. Provide your specs and he'll make one perfect for your conditions as well. See pricing below.

All Prices are in South African Rand, but can easily be converted by using this currency converter to your local cash equivalency. Extremely affordable, so don't let the Rand numbers scare you! In US currency you can pretty much divide by ten.

Due to the current rapid fluctuations of the Rand, all prices will be determined at time of order


6' to 6'2".....................On Request
Over 6'2" up to 6'6"......On Request


6'6" to 7'6".....................On Request

All boards are single stringer, thruster setup, and include a leash and a travel case. Color work will cost + or - R150.00 extra depending on design. Shipping extra and detailed on the order page.


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